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Past Events (2015 to 2017)

Night Out to Merlion Park and Marina Bay  

7 November 2017


A big thank you to our generous donor who had sponsored the trip to the Merlion Park and Esplanade. These are the two most easily recognizable landmarks in Singapore and also stand across each other, on the opposite sides of the rivers.


From the Merlion Park, we took our residents to the Esplanade, the Durian-shaped buildings across the river. Walk farther, our residents had their dinner at Makansutra Gluttons’ Bay. It is a food centre offering a good selection of Indian, Chinese and Southeast Asian food.


After our dinner, we had a relaxing stroll across the Helix Bridge, linking to Marina Centre Event Plaza where we watched the 15-minute light and water show which immersed in a beautiful symphony of music, water and light that's powered by advanced lasers, fountain jets and visual projectors.


It is definitely an enjoyable outing for both our elderly and volunteers.


A day out to Singapore Discovery Centre  

17 October 2017


Singapore Discovery Centre is a place for everyone, where they can See, Hear, Touch and Discover the milestones and achievements of Singapore through our hi-tech and interactive exhibits.

Our residents were dazzled by the technology, large format 3D/2D shows, robotics and the entertaining displays. It is an experience for our elderly and volunteers to enjoy, relive and explore the Singapore Story with insights into the nation's challenges, dreams and aspirations.


Frost The Trail 2017  19 August 2017


A Big Thank You to Frost & Sullivan, donors and partners for adopting Bright Hill Evergreen Home as one of the beneficiaries for Frost The Trail 2017.

Your generosity over the years, by your annual participation and contribution, make a huge difference to the life of our residents. Seeing their smiles bring cheers to many hearts!


Reliving the Memories of Haw Par Villa

22 June 2017



Haw Par Villa, better known as Tiger Balm Garden to the older generation and to our residents who had the memory of remembering her maiden name, is located in the western part of Singapore. 

When we walked uphill through the grand entrance of Haw Par Villa, we were entering a realm of mystical wonders and discoveries. During our 2.5-hour tour, we had walked through the mythological park to marvel at the truly unique dioramas and sculptures of sumo wrestlers, topless mermaids, and a human-crab mutant. 

Among the 1,000 displays, our residents and volunteers shared tales of the Chinese folklore and mythology in the park. It was an enjoyable trip for both our elderly and volunteers.

Ushers in the Year of the Rooster 

12 January 2017



Chinese New Year is undoubtedly one of the most important holidays in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. 


With the help of our volunteers, we brought our residents down to the bazaar in Chinatown for a stroll to feast on the traditional Chinese New Year snacks, cookies, preserved fruits, and more!


The elderly enjoyed the brilliant decorations, festive eats and shopping in celebrating the Year of the Rooster.

Exploring Bugis and Little India on a trishaw  22 November 2016


The trishaw made its debut in Singapore in the 1940s, and it remains a strong icon of our rich cultural history.
We brought our residents out to Albert Mall Trishaw Park for a 30 minutes ride.  It was definitely an interesting experience for both the elderly and the volunteers as we don't see many trishaws on the roads now. The trishaw riders took them along designated routes from Bugis to Little India that promise the most interesting and enjoyable sights and sounds in these districts.

After the trishaw ride, our residents had a good lunch at Albert Centre Market and Food Centre as it has a good selection of local delights.

Typical of Singapore weather, it was hot and humid but the food and drinks made it all up. Everyone enjoyed the lovely outing.

A relaxing stroll on the Sentosa Boardwalk

17 June 2016


We started off in the morning with a relaxing stroll from the island of Sentosa to VivoCity on Sentosa Boardwalk. It is a two-way covered walkway conveniently located right next to one of Singapore’s largest shopping mall.


So we glided along the travellators and enjoyed the scenery that surrounded us as we walked across towards VivoCity for a traditional Chinese Jiangnan cuisine lunch.


It was a joyful outing to VivoCity shopping mall for all our residents.

A Trip to the Chinese New Year Street Bazaar at Chinatown  19, 22, 29 Jan & 02 Feb 2016

A trip to the Chinese New Year Festive Street Bazaar at Chinatown has become something of a tradition for our BHEH residents.


We started our day with a wholesome breakfast at Maxwell Market Hawker Centre before we visited the street bazaar which stretches from Pagoda Street to Sago Street. It is the best place to feel the spirit of the festive season where it can get really crowded and hot, but the jolly mood can’t be beat.


We were blessed with a breezy afternoon and it was a pleasure taking our time browsing through the street stalls, sampling traditional mouth-watering goodies – melon seeds, dried persimmons, cookies and “nian gao” (sticky New Year rice cake).


The trip ended at the food street where cold and hot desert were served to our residents.


A big THANK YOU to all our energetic volunteers who made this outing meaningful and enjoyable.

A Visit to Jurong Bird Park  

03, 08, 15 & 22 September 2015

A big THANK YOU to our generous donor who made this outing possible.


For many of our residents, they had the opportunity to observe various birds frolicking and preening in their natural environment.


During the “Kings of the Skies” bird show, they were amazed by the hunting skills of the eagles and falcons. Although they saw penguins, flamingos, macaws, ducks, hornbills and many other birds, it was “Sassy” the cockatoo who stole their hearts with her funny antics and unique singing.


We visited other attractions at this sprawling park, including the impressive Penguin Coast where you’ll find many species of these flightless birds.


A sumptuous 8-course lunch was served at a nearby restaurant after the visit to this amazing bird sanctuary. Our team of volunteers were very attentive to our residents, and everyone had a meaningful and enjoyable experience.

A Trip to Gardens by the Bay  09 June 2015

With the donations received from our generous donors, 80 of our residents visited ‘Gardens by the Bay’, the nation’s most beautiful masterpiece. An eye-catching kaleidoscope of floral colours awaited us at the Gardens’ Flower Dome where the volunteers played the role of guides and toured the area with the elderly. 
It was an excellent opportunity for interaction between the young and old. With their wealth of experience, our elderly shared their life stories with the volunteers during their strolls. The Cloud Dome with its breath-taking waterfall was the main attraction for the day. 


Amongst the trees and flowers, the residents lose themselves in the beauty of nature. By the end of the tour, we had built up healthy appetites and proceeded for our lunch.

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