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” You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. ”

- Buddha

Our Mission

Bright Hill Evergreen Home is a voluntary welfare home providing health care services for the aged, sick and destitute regardless of race, language or religion.

Our Vision

To promote and maintain holistic nursing and medical care to the residents and to discharge them to the community when appropriate.

Our Objective

We are committed to achieve the following objectives with the following proposed actions within the next two years: 


  • Embracing and adapting to the new norm as the country takes strides toward normalcy by supporting a decentralised and depend less on top-down, command-and-control decision making model for both staff and resident. We must be COVID-ready and be able to take care of our residents with minimal external support.

  • Complete our digital transformation exercise in streamlining and automating our manual processes so as to improve our care delivery and operations as well as staff productivity and efficiency.

  • Aligning the two homes’ care service model and operation processes, while allowing the flexibility to adjust for the differences in both the environmental layouts as well as residents’ profiles.

  • Strengthen the organisation health to improve on capacity and attain greater effectiveness through the review, development and improvement of organisational strategy, structures and processes via the Organisational Health Framework for Social Services (OHFSS) evaluation program rolled out by NCSS.

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