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A Chinese New Year Treat

17 January 2023

Our residents get to enjoy egg wafers or love letters, fresh out of the bakery!

Our Senior Medical Social Worker, Niki baked love letters for our residents in every ward.  A special tea break session was organised for residents to enjoy the popular snack, served with orange soda which signifies prosperity with its bright colour, and topping it up with the screening of a local movie.


Is this just another regular Chinese New Year celebration?  Read more..."Memories in a love letter"

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Evergreen, our 1st Issue!

4 January 2023

Welcome to our 1st issue of EVERGREEN, a quarterly publication from Bright Hill Evergreen Home. 

What's in store...

Join us and help Mr. Wong enjoy his "tang"!

Calling for volunteers as Feeding Companions.

Their Smiles..My Gratitude
Read how our Medical Social Worker still feels passionate about her work amidst challenges.

Click here to download the PDF version

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Winter Solstice "Dongzhi"

22 December 2022

It is widely known that dongzhi is an important festival, second only to the Chinese New Year.  In our sunny Singapore, we still celebrate this occasion, albeit a muted one, by making and savouring tangyuan and the sweet soup. 

Check out the photographs of how some of our residents enjoyed the tangyuan they made themselves! 

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Deepavali Celebration at BHEH

21 October 2022

After two years of social distancing and muted celebrations, residents and staff had a blast at our Celebration of Lights!


Staff and residents alike danced to music from Bollywood movies and were treated to traditional snacks and a savoury lunch.  We also learnt how the Diwali festival came about.

We are looking forward to more celebrations!

For more photographs click here.

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