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Chairman - Bhikkhu Sik Kwang Sheng

Bhikkhu Sik Kwang Sheng is the sixth abbot of Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery (KMSPKS) since 2004. He helmed KMSPKS since 1995 as its chief administrator and holds key appointments in various boards of religious organisation, inter-religious organisation and schools in Singapore. Bhikkhu Sik Kwang Sheng was nominated as the Home’s Management Committee (MC) member since 30 June 2006 and was appointed as Chairman on 7 July 2006. He has been integral in setting and driving the directions of the Home as well as development of the Home’s services. 


Secretary - Dr Kweh Soon Han

Dr Kweh is a lawyer at KSCGP Juris LLP. His areas of practice are real property law, company law, administrative and constitutional law, law of societies, employment law, and family and trust law. His experience in the laws and codes of governance relating to the formation and maintenance of charities, societies and non-profit organisation is invaluable in guiding the Home in ensuring governance compliance. Dr Kweh was nominated as the Home’s MC member since 24 July 2008 and was appointed as Secretary from 2 October 2015.

Treasurer - Ms Chan Poh Swai @ Chan Poh Swee

Ms Chan is a retired qualified Accountant holding a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (majoring in Accountancy). She is currently on the board and serves as the Treasurer of religious societies, free clinic and nursing home. Her in-depth finance knowledge contributes significantly in putting in place a robust finance system for the Home. Ms Chan was nominated as the Home’s MC member since 30 June 2006. She held the position of Treasurer of our Home’s MC for 2 terms – July 2006 to July 2008 and July 2012 to July 2016. She was re-appointed as Treasurer in September 2020. Ms Chan has also been contributing her service in other sub-committees; she is now the Chairman of the Finance Committee and the Medifund Committee.

Member - Mr Kek Seng Swee, Nicholas

Mr Kek was an Entrepreneur prior to joining Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery as Operations Manager. He is an EXCO member since July 2012 and the EXCO Chairman since August 2014. His commercial experience and business acumen have benefited the Home in many aspects. Mr Kek has also been contributing his service in other sub-committees; he is the Chairman of the Nomination Committee and Member of the Building Committee.

Member - Mr Lim Teck Foon, Edmund

Mr Lim is a retired Chartered Accountant having gained audit experience in the Big Four Auditing Firm and was holding senior finance positions in various international companies. He volunteers at the Dharma Cakra Society since 2009 and is currently the society’s Assistant Treasurer. He also volunteers as the Treasurer of both the Singapore Buddhist Free Clinic and Tai Pei Old People's Home. Mr Lim is a Management Committee member of the Home since 29 August 2016. He held the position of Treasurer of our Home’s Management Committee from August 2016 to August 2020 and has been contributing his service in the various sub-committees. He chairs the Audit Committee of the home. 

Member - Mr Wong Chee Yeung, Stewart

Mr Wong had 15 years of global sales and marketing experience in the electronics industry and was leading the sales, marketing and operations department of a local listed company. He is currently a Senior Manager of Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery. He had previously served many years as a volunteer teacher in the Dharma school of the Monastery and has been volunteering in the Police Force since 2004 till now. Mr Wong joined the Home’s MC since 12 July 2012 and has been contributing his service in the various sub-committees. He is now a member of the Nomination Committee and Executive Committee of the Home. 

Member - Mr Lee Boon Huat, Ben

Mr Lee is the Secretary of a religious organisation. Having served as a MC member for many years, he is able to relate, appreciate the issues and provide invaluable advice. Mr Lee was nominated as MC member since 24 July 2008 and has been contributing his service in the various sub-committees. He is now a member of the Finance Committee.

Member - Mr Yeap Soon Keong, Dan

Mr Yeap is an Associate Director of Information Technology at Apollo Management Singapore Pte Ltd. Having joined Apollo in 2007, he had served a broad range of responsibilities and led the client technology team in the Asia region. In the past, Mr. Yeap had been involved in charitable endeavours such as volunteering in special needs school and food distribution for the needy.  He held the position of EXCO and MC in the Singapore Buddhist Free Clinic from 2010 to 2012. Mr Yeap has been a MC member of the Home since 29 August 2013 and has been contributing his service in the various sub-committees. He is the Secretary of the EXCO Committee as well as a member of the Building Committee and Audit Committee of the Home. 

Member -Dr Lau Kah Yong

Dr Lau is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and has been a member of our Admission Committee since 2008. He works closely with the management team of the Home and plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth admissions of residents. Dr Lau was nominated as MC member since 24 July 2008 and has been contributing his service in the various sub-committees. He is now a member of the Admission Committee.

Member - Mr Goh Swee Kang, Jayson

Jayson is the Managing Director, Airport Operations Management of the Changi Airport Group (CAG). Prior to joining CAG, he was Executive Director at the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB).  He currently serves as Deputy Chairman of the Board of Governor at Republic Polytechnic. He is also a member of the Advisory Committee for Digital Services & Customer Experiences at the National Library Board.  Since 2013, he has been serving as an Honorary Aide-de-Camp to the President, Republic of Singapore.  Jayson also serves as President of the Imperial College Alumni Association of Singapore since 2015.  Jayson is a MC member of BHEH since 6 April 2017 and has been contributing his service in various sub-committees. He chairs both the Building Committee and Admission Committee of the Home.

Management Committee Roles and Responsibilities

All our Management Committee (MC) members are elected at the annual general meeting. The recruitment and selection of MC members are guided by the Home’s Constitution, Board Governance Policy and other legal requirements. The MC endeavours to ensure that there is an appropriate mix of core competence and expertise to meet the Home’s vision, mission and objectives.


To ensure that the Home is operating well, effectively and responsibly, the MC performance and effectiveness are evaluated annually at the Annual General Meeting. Members will review the past year performance and identify areas for improvement so that the Home will continue to be effective and sustainable.


Roles & responsibilities of the Management Committee are as follows:

  1. Ensure that the Home is well managed and fulfil its vision and mission.

  2. Review the Home’s vision and mission statement to keep goals and objectives relevant to the changing environment and needs.

  3. Review the strategic plans and annual work plan to ensure that the activities are aligned to the vision and mission of the Home.

  4. Ensure adequate resources for the operations of the Home, and that such resources are effectively and efficiently managed.

  5. Review the Constitution, whenever necessary.

  6. Ensure orientation for new MC members is conducted so that they are familiar with the Home’s work and MC functions at the start of their term of service.

  7. Plan for development, succession and diversity in the composition of the MC.

  8. Exercise independent judgement and act in the best interests of the Home.

  9. Ensure objectivity in decision-making and be wholly independent from the paid employees of the Home.

The MC oversees seven committees with different and specific functions and responsibilities. These committees include the Executive Committee (EXCO), Finance Committee, Audit Committee, Admission Committee, Nomination Committee, Building Committee and Medifund Committee. 

Role & Responsibilities of Sub Committees

1. The Executive Committee (EXCO)
The roles and responsibilities of EXCO includes acting on MC’s behalf between MC meetings, as well as monitoring the activities and operations of the Home and projects undertaken by the Home. EXCO also propose new strategies and policies to the MC and ensure its implementation. 

2. The Finance Committee
The roles and responsibilities of the Finance Committee includes budget review and the development of appropriate procedures for budget preparations to ensure consistency between the budget and the Home’s plans. Monitoring the budget and ensure accountability for funds, recommending financial guidelines to the MC and advising the management staff on financial priorities are also the responsibilities of the Finance Committee.

3. The Audit Committee
The Audit Committee oversee the financial reporting and disclosure process; ensure compliance with relevant legal requirements and reporting standards; review audit reports of external and internal auditors, consider the effectiveness of the actions taken by the management on the auditor’s recommendations. 

The Audit Committee also analyses and addresses the risks associated with key processes, oversees regulatory compliance and whistleblowing guidelines, reports to MC of any financial irregularities and concerns, liaises with auditors on any significant matters arising.

4. The Building Committee
The Building Committee monitors, evaluates, advises and makes recommendations to the MC with regard to the Home’s immovable property matters, including principles, planning and policies, in accordance with the Home’s mission and vision. Making recommendations to the MC with regard to proposed building projects and overseeing its development are also the responsibilities of the Building Committee.

5. The Admission Committee
The Admission Committee reviews and approves resident admission to the Home. Review the criteria for admission and recommending changes to the criteria to the MC, ensuring compliance with the relevant authorities and advising MC on significant matters relating to the residents’ admission are also responsibilities of the Admission Committee.

6. The Nomination Committee
The Nomination Committee reviews the composition of Committee based on expertise, skills, competencies, attributes and commitment. The Committee is responsible for ensuring succession planning, and the recruitment and selections of the MC members comply with the Home’s Constitution, Board Governance Policy and other legal requirements.

The Nomination Committee identifies potential candidates for committee member roles and explores their interest and availability for MC service; as well as nominates suitable individuals to be elected as committee members.

7. The Medifund Committee
The Medifund Committee reviews and approves Medifund applications and administers payments out of the Medifund account. The Committee ensures compliance with the Medical and Elderly Care Endowment Schemes Act (MECESA), its corresponding regulations and any directives and guidelines issued by the Minister.

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