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Nursing and Medical Care


BHEH is fully committed to meeting the needs of each and every resident. We address the medical and psychological needs of all residents with a spirit of excellence. The Home provides high quality round-the-clock nursing care to residents by professionally trained nurses, assistant nurses, nursing aides and healthcare attendants. Together, they help to achieve the desired clinical results particularly in areas such as infection control, prevention of pressure sores and end-of-life care for our residents. The standard of care is maintained and enhanced through continual training of our nursing staff.


A general practitioner visits the Home on a regular basis to provide consultation and medical treatment to all our residents. With a team equipped and ready to cover all aspects of medical care, residents are guaranteed to receive the highest level of support 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.



Social Service / Counseling

We provide psychotherapy and counselling to residents and families to address their present or underlying issues enabling them to work towards resolving their difficulties and over-coming the challenges they face. We aim to adopt a holistic approach of care and support to our residents with involvement of their family members. 


Nursing Care

Physiotherapy and
Occupational Therapy

A key focus at BHEH is the physical and mental wellbeing of each individual resident. Our rehabilitation therapy staff are dedicated to strengthening residents' physical bodies as well as re-establishing their sense of independence.


Physiotherapists provide exercises to improve or maintain residents’ physical conditions, and occupational therapists aim to improve or maintain residents’ cognition level, organize activities of daily living functions and engage them in different meaningful activities.



Social Service / Counseling

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