Model of Care

Our management team works diligently to oversee the day-to-day operations and ensure that we maintain the highest standards of care for our elderly residents.

Care Pillar 1: Protect the Dignity of Care

Deliver care in a manner that continues to promote and protect the dignity of residents as they are supported in BHEH.

Care Pillar 2: Harness a Supportive Ecosystem

Deliver services that are built on resources that leverage internal and external community partners.

Care Pillar 3: Elevate Professional and Care Excellence

Deliver professional and care services that are underpinned by a spirit of excellence and professionalism.

The 5 Components of BHEH
Model Of Care


Purpose and Intent

This is a strategic intent and foresight for our multi-disciplinary team to align and commit to deliver quality care services, as guided by the BHEH MOC.


Guiding Philosophy

It comprises the person-centred care (PCC) guiding principles of Value base, Individualised approach, understanding the Perspective, Social psychology (VIPS); and BHEH’s core values of Love, Responsibility, Integrity, Compassion, and Respect to support how PCC is delivered in BHEH.



This refers to the support system for the MOC. The management drives quality services by ensuring good governing practices. We adopt strengths-based approach that supports our residents to live and thrive, it also develops the strengths of our BHEH staff to be innovative in providing better care.


Care Pillars and Foundational Components

These are the elements to deliver quality care to support quality living for our residents. Our team creates meaningful engagement and purposeful activities for our residents by guiding them to use their remaining abilities to optimize their functions in their daily living. This promotes and protects the dignity of residents to achieve an appropriate balance between autonomy and safety to promote quality of life. 

The Care Pillars encourages services that are built on resources that leverage on internal sources and external community partnership like Next-of-Kin (NOK), donors and volunteers. With the optimal use of these resources, our team adopts innovative approaches and methods to deliver effective and efficient services for our residents.


Outcomes and Results

Our care approaches and practices are based on an integrated inter-professional person-centred care planning process that aims to optimise the well-being of our residents. We focus on problem solving approaches and care delivery underpinned by our multi-disciplinary team in combination with the most current and relevant research available.

Care practices are guided by ethical care approaches that are safe and effective, compassionate and respectful, and in resident’s best interest. The results are evident in the improved outcomes achieved.