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Medical Social Services

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Adopting a holistic approach of care and support to our residents, our medical social workers play a vital role in addressing the social and emotional needs of residents.

Here are some of the key areas in which we provide:

Admissions and Discharge Planning

The team journeys with residents from the start of their admission until they are discharged or pass on, providing relevant support and interventions at different points of the journey, whenever appropriate.

Casework Management

Medical social workers coordinate and monitor the delivery of services to residents, ensuring they receive appropriate care and support. They may collaborate with community organizations and resources to meet social and financial needs, such as assistance with housing, transportation, or financial aid.

Psychosocial Support

We provide psychotherapy and counselling to residents and families to address their present or underlying issues enabling them to work towards resolving their difficulties and overcoming the challenges they face.

Risks Assessment and Management

We develop care plans that address any identified risks and implement preventive measures to reduce likelihood of adverse events.