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Rehabilitation Services

A key focus at BHEH is the physical and mental wellbeing of each individual resident. Each resident is provided with a personalised rehabilitation programme to help them recover and regain their functional abilities, improve mobility, and enhance their independence.

Here are the areas of focus:


Physical therapy programmes focus on improving residents’ mobility, strength, balance, and coordination. Through various exercises, therapeutic activities, and assistive devices, therapists work with residents to regain or maintain their physical abilities. This can include range of motion exercises, muscle strengthening routines etc 

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists assess residents’ abilities and work on developing strategies and modifications to help them engage in the basic activities of daily living (bADLs). This can include training in self-care activities, adaptive equipment use, and environmental modifications to enhance residents’ functional independence.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy programs focus on improving residents’ communication, swallowing, and cognitive skills. Speech therapists evaluate residents’ speech and language abilities, address any speech impairments or swallowing difficulties, and incorporate cognitive exercises to promote mental acuity and linguistic abilities.