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Eligibility Criteria

1. Singaporean or permanent resident, above 50 years old

2. Without any family support, totally dependent on public assistance and lower income families

3. Referred by Agency for Integrated Care (AIC)

4. Free from infections or mental illness

5. Non-alcoholic or drug addict


Application Process
Before making an application for admission to a nursing home, speak to a medical social worker at any of the public healthcare institution to explore the various care options available. You can also visit the Singapore Silver Pages to find out more about the various types of eldercare services available.

Once the decision has been made, the medical social worker will assist you to submit an admission application to the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), the central agency that processes all applications to government-funded nursing homes in Singapore. If you are eligible and wish to apply for government subsidies, the medical social worker will also guide you to prepare the necessary supporting documents and complete the Means-Test Declaration Form.

If you have had no prior interaction with any public hospitals, national centres or polyclinics, you can approach the nearest Community Development Council for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that caregivers have regarding our home care. Click here.

Do give us a call if your question is not listed here and we'll do our best to assist you.


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