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Here are some common questions that caregivers have regarding our home care. Do give us a call if your question is not listed here and we'll do our best to assist you.


1. Who can apply? What is the eligibility for admission to our nursing home?


Bright Hill Evergreen Home is a stay-in nursing home facility that caters primarily to patients who are eligible for medical subsidies and require long-term skilled nursing care and/or assistance in daily living activities.  To be eligible for admission to a government-subsidised nursing home, the patient must meet the following criteria, as listed by the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC):

  1. Have physical or mental disabilities because of medical conditions like stroke, dementia and other chronic illnesses;

  2. Be semi-mobile, wheelchair or bed-bound, requiring daily nursing care and help in daily living activities such as using the toilet, walking etc;

  3. Have tried all possible care arrangements such as hiring a domestic helper, day care, home care etc;

  4. Be unable to get care at home from other family members or community providers;

  5. Pass the means-test for long-term care subsidies.



2. How does a patient get admitted to Bright Hill Evergreen Home?

All admissions into Bright Hill Evergreen Home are by referral via the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC). Patients (or their family members) should speak to their last attending doctor or medical social worker at the public hospital or polyclinic, who will assist them to submit their admission application to AIC.



3. How does a patient know if he/she is eligible for government subsidies?

means-test is used to determine the amount of subsidies a person needing care is eligible for. Those from lower income households will be granted higher subsidies under the means-testing framework. Patients can take a means-test at all public hospitals, polyclinics or community centres. For more information on the subsidy framework, eligibility criteria and means-testing, click here.



4. How long does the application and admission process take?

The waiting time for admission to Bright Hill Evergreen Home varies according to the following:


  1. Availability of beds;

  2. Patient’s needs;

  3. Co-operation from the family in meeting the necessary requirements, such as responding to interview appointment and preparing documents for verification.


5. How much does Bright Hill Evergreen Home charge its residents?

At Bright Hill Evergreen Home, we understand that affordability is a key concern for our residents and their family members. Therefore, the fees we set are similar to that offered by other Volunteer Welfare Organization-operated nursing homes, with up to 75 percent government subsidies.



6. What sort of care services are provided at Bright Hill Evergreen Home?

Besides nursing care, we also provide physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy (when necessary), medical care, dental care and dietary services. These care plans and programmes are specially designed to meet the needs of our residents so that they can recover and be well enough to be discharged or taken care of at home.



7. How regularly is the resident billed? How can payments be made?

Bills are issued on a monthly basis. Payment can be made by cheque, GIRO, bank transfer or directly at the Reception Counter located at level 2, Bright Hill Evergreen Home.


8. Is there a dementia ward for dementia residents?

No, Bright Hill Evergreen Home does not have wards that cater specifically to dementia residents. However, acknowledging dementia is becoming more common as our population ages, our nursing home is stepping upon our effort to provide better dementia care for our residents.



9. How is safety and security ensured in the nursing home?

Our nursing team works 24/7 with CCTVs installed around the compound. Security guards are stationed at the gate in the day and gates are locked at all times.



10. Is it safe to keep valuables in the nursing home?

While we have security measures in place, we strongly recommend that residents do not keep valuable items at the nursing home. Bright Hill Evergreen Home will not be held responsible for any loss of valuables.


11. When can friends and family visit?

We encourage friends and family to visit their loved ones regularly during our visiting hours, from 11am to 6pm daily.



12. Are there nurses on duty 24 hours a day?


Yes, our dedicated team of nurses works on shifts to provide 24/7 nursing care for our residents.



13. Who do I contact if I have some feedback about Bright Hill Evergreen Home?

You can call 6459 3492 and speak to any of our staff on duty during office hours. Alternatively, you can write to us at



14. Who do I contact if I want to apply to work at Bright Hill Evergreen Home?

If you are keen to join us as a staff, check our Job Openings page for the current job vacancies and send your resume to, indicating clearly the position you are applying for.


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