Deepavali Celebration 2022

After two years of practicing social distancing and having muted celebrations, the residents and staff had an incredibly fun and enjoyable time at our “Celebration of Lights” event.

During the event, everyone, including the staff and residents, enthusiastically danced to lively music from Bollywood movies. They were also treated to a delightful assortment of traditional snacks and a delectable lunch. Additionally, the attendees had the opportunity to learn about the origins and significance of the Diwali festival, which added a sense of cultural enrichment to the festivities.

This Celebration of Lights event has rekindled the excitement and anticipation among everyone involved, and we are enthusiastically looking forward to organizing more such celebrations in the future. The event not only allowed residents and staff to come together in a joyous and celebratory atmosphere but also created an opportunity to appreciate and learn about diverse cultures, fostering a sense of unity and inclusivity!


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