Mr Tan’s Journey to Wellness

I never thought I would be able to eat and drink again, but the staff here never gave up on me. They worked tirelessly with me to help me. I am so grateful for their support.

Mr Tan, aged 91, was hospitalized in 2022 due to COVID complications. During his hospitalization, he had to be placed on a nasogastric tube (NGT) for feeding as he was found to have difficulty swallowing due to decreased gag reflex and osteophytes on his vocal cords.

After several weeks of treatment, Mr Tan’s swallowing did not improve significantly. His doctors felt that he had a very poor prognosis for ever weaning off tube feeding. Mr Tan was then transferred to BHEH last July, with a feeding tube in place. At that time, while he had hoped that he could feed orally again, he did not believe he could do so because of his past failed experiences.

Our staff were determined to help Mr Tan achieve his goal of weaning off tube feeding. They worked closely with him to develop a personalized feeding plan. The plan included a combination of oral and tube feeding. Mr Tan was started on a pureed diet and gradually increased the amount of food he ate orally. He also received regular speech therapy to help improve his swallowing skills. Mr Tan is very grateful to the care staff at the nursing home for their encouragement and care.

His story is a testament to the power of good care and rehabilitation. With the help of our care team, he has been able to regain his independence and quality of life. He is now able to live a more fulfilling life, thanks to the care and support he has received.

This article is also published in Evergreen Issue 3, a quarterly publication of Bright Hill Evergreen Home.