Mr Lee Goes Home!

Mr Lee was a fiercely independent man who had lived alone his entire life. However, after repeated hospitalizations due to a neurological condition, he was no longer able to live safely at home. He was referred to Bright Hill Evergreen home, where he received the care and support he needed to regain his independence.

When Mr Lee first arrived at the nursing home, he was reliant on care staff for assistance with even the most basic tasks. He was also very apprehensive about his future. As he was not sure whether he would ever be well enough to go home, he was struggling to come to terms with the loss of his independence.

Despite the challenges ahead, the individual remained resolute in their pursuit of recovery. Through his diligent efforts with the therapy and nursing team, he started to experience positive changes. Gradually, strength returned to their lower limbs, allowing him to regain his ability to walk independently. This marked achievement not only restored his physical independence but also rejuvenated his confidence. With renewed hope, he eagerly anticipated what the future had in store for him.

After many months of hard work, Mr Lee was finally ready to go home. Our medical social worker (MSW) helped him to prepare for his discharge. With the help of volunteers, they cleaned up his flat, made sure that it was in a liveable condition, and bought him necessities such as a kettle and shampoo. Our MSW also accompanied him to the telco shop to reactivate his landline, and to the bank and HDB to do the relevant paperwork.

To ensure a smooth transition back to the community, our MSW referred him to community support services such as home personal care and meals on wheels. Mr Lee also went home for home leave for a trial before we finally discharged him from our Home.

We are happy to report that Mr Lee is doing well in the community. He is adjusting happily back to his old life, and he is grateful for the care and support that he received at BHEH. He knows that he may still eventually require nursing home care support when he deteriorates, but at least now when he is able to, he enjoys his freedom and continues to live in the community as long as possible.

“I’ll go to my favourite barber to cut my hair, and I want to go downstairs to meet up with all my friends to drink kopi!”