Mr Yeo’s Road to Independence

In August 2021, Mr Yeo, a 73-year-old man, suffered a debilitating stroke that left him entirely reliant on others for his care. He was unable to communicate and required tube feeding for sustenance. Nevertheless, thanks to the dedicated nurses and therapy team at Bright Hill Evergreen Home, Mr Yeo has made incredible strides in his recovery. When he first arrived at the nursing home, he was in a fragile state, lacking the strength to walk or even sit upright independently. Additionally, he faced difficulties in expressing himself. The nursing staff and therapists then collaborated with him to facilitate his rehabilitation journey. They initiated the process with passive exercises and gradually progressed towards enhancing his sitting endurance.

As Mr Yeo continued to improve, the care team began to give him more independence. They started by guiding him to hold his own syringe that held the milk feed for his tube feeding. Eventually, he was able to have enough muscle strength to hold on to the milk feed syringe independently when he has tube feeding. Mr. Yeo’s progress has been remarkable. He has gone from being completely dependent on others, to being able to care for himself with some assistance. He is now able to sit up, and help manage his own feeding.

Mr Yeo’s story is a testament to the power of good care and rehabilitation. With the help of our care team, he has been able to regain his independence and quality of life. Thanks to the team’s dedicated care and assistance, he now lives a more fulfilling life. He takes pride in his progress, feeling much more independent as he can now feed himself. He also expresses gratitude for the care and support he has received from the BHEH care team. Likewise, the BHEH team takes immense pride in being part of his recovery journey and cherishes the opportunity to make a positive difference.