Opening of Kek Ai Diam!

Nostalgic traditional provision shops hold a special place in the hearts of Singaporeans who grew up in the olden days. Many will fondly recall the enjoyable trips to these shops, offering a wide array of items including sundry goods, canned food, newspapers, and toys.
Drawing inspiration from this nostalgia, our new provision shop, “Kek Ai Diam” is opened to pay homage to the past while taking a modern approach with its innovative “no-cash policy.” This unique concept allows residents to choose their favorite snacks and items, using points that they have earned through their participation in various activities across different departments.
More than just a shop, Kek Ai Diam has become a cornerstone of independence, choice, and familiarity for our residents, providing a sense of normalcy and comfort in their daily lives. Beyond its practical value, Kek Ai Diam has sparked a renewed sense of purpose and connection within our nursing home. The heartwarming exchanges, shared moments of joy, and engaging conversations among residents and staff have made Kek Ai Diam a hub of meaningful interactions and social engagement. It’s also noteworthy that residents have consistently offered their support, assisting with “cashier” duties almost every day!
To inspire the utilisation of their remaining abilities for meaningful pursuits, Mr Lin, one of our residents, even designed the calligraphy signage for Kek Ai Diam!❤

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