Radiance of Recovery: Mr Yeow’s Path to Renewed Vitality

Mr Yeow, a 70-year-old resident was referred to Bright Hill Evergreen Home in July 2022 for his worsening leg condition, leading to his reliance on a wheelchair. With his admission, our compassionate staff quickly embraced him, providing a supportive environment that uplifted his spirits.

Determined to regain his strength and independence, Mr Yeow wholeheartedly engages himself in the nursing home’s rehabilitation programme. His dedication was palpable as he attends physiotherapy sessions and occupational therapy treatments diligently. He actively engages himself in volunteer-led activities, and the Home’s events to maintain an active lifestyle as well.

In his ward, he helps out by clearing dishes after meals, organising plastic bags, and engaging in friendly conversations with other residents. Additionally, he enjoys watching television shows, especially those on boxing and wrestling.

Evergreen: What activities do you find most enjoyable in the ward?

Mr Yeow: I enjoy playing games with my friends and folding plastic bags in the ward. We have many activities to do out of the ward and I always look forward to participating in them!

The staff are pleased at Mr Yeow’s remarkable progress. Every step of the way, they provide him with support, tailored care, and personalised attention, enabling him to surpass each milestone in his recovery journey. The residents, too, help to bolster his determination.

As the months passed, Mr Yeow’s resilience bore fruit, and his recovery surpassed expectations. The once daunting prospect of regaining mobility and independence now seems within reach. His dedication and the collective encouragement of the nursing home’s staff had transformed his recovery into a triumph of hope and perseverance.

"Left: Mr Yeow participating in a mooncake-making worksop with volunteers. Right: Mr Yeow engaging in group therapy exercise."
"Mr Yeow enjoys using the vibrating exercise equipment. It improves his constipation and increase metabolism."

Evergreen: You are making good progress! Do you look forward to getting discharged soon?

Mr Yeow: Actually I prefer to stay in the nursing home as the nurses and therapists took care of me well. Back at home, I have to be independent and it gets bored being alone. Over here, I have my friends and everyone is nice and caring to me. 

"Mr Yeow's efforts have paid off. To track his progress, the therapist monitors the time it takes for him to walk each time. The improvements he made have motivated him to recover faster."

Here’s us wishing him a wholesome recovery and may he live long in his golden years!

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