Mdm Lee’s Recovery and Return to Independence

Mdm Lee’s story of recovery and discharge from Bright Hill Evergreen Home is another inspiring tale of resilience and perseverance. After a severe fall that resulted in a head injury and the loss of movement in her fingers, Mdm Lee was admitted to our nursing home. She had weakness in all her limbs and was told that odds of recovering to premorbid independence level was very slim.

Despite the challenges she faced, her progress towards recovery has been stable. After one year of dedicated care and therapy, she began to show signs of improvement and was able to regain movement in her body. This progress continued, and after two years, her determination and the support of the healthcare professionals enabled her to achieve the milestone of being able to walk again. Mdm Lee’s preference for the nursing home stems from her fear of falling at home due to living alone. Additionally, having adapted to the nursing home environment, she felt more at ease residing with us.

Throughout Mdm Lee’s six-year stay in the Home, she had formed deep and meaningful connections with her fellow residents. She will dearly miss two of her closest friends – Mdm Lee and Mdm Wong. These friendships were a source of comfort and support during her recovery process.

"Trip to Chinatown earlier in 2024. Mdm Lee enjoys going out and meeting new people."
"Mdm Lee actively participates in volunteering activity and loves a good carnival!"

Mdm Lee’s discharge is a joyful recognition of her revitalised energy, fortitude, and perseverance throughout her path to recovery. Her story is a testament to the comprehensive care and unwavering support provided by the Home, ensuring that her transition back to the community is rooted in empowerment, dignity, and well-being.

Evergreen: What do you intend to do next after you are discharged?

Mdm Lee: I sincerely wish to travel the world and live my best life!

Evergreen: Any other words to your fellow friends in the ward?

Mdm Lee: If one desires to live, they must be resolute in standing up and walking on their own. I hope my friends here will be able to walk independently one day, just like me!

"Mdm Lee independently walks within the ward as part of her daily routine"


Let’s join us in wishing Mdm Lee a long and fulfilling life in her golden years!

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