Corporate Support


Corporate Support


Fundraise For Us

Our organization firmly believes in the strength of collective action and the transformative impact that can be achieved through partnerships. When we work together, we have the ability to build a stronger and more resilient community. Through collaboration, we can increase empathy and understanding, and ultimately enhance the lives of vulnerable population.

Together, let us join forces in developing a meaningful and fulfilling partnership for the years to come.

Here are some ways to support us: 

Corporate Sponsorship

Our operating expenses amount to more than $1.3 million monthly. By providing financial contributions, your company plays a vital role in ensuring that our operating expenses can be defrayed. Your support will allow us to continue delivering beneficial programmes and initiatives for the elderly residents to stay healthy and protected.

Financial contributions can include:

  • A sponsorship of $388 will help support the cost of diapers for a day for our elderly residents’ personal hygiene
  • A sponsorship of $2500 to help fund the cost of an electric adjustable hospital bed
  • Funding for projects with strategic outcomes

Employee Giving

Corporations that are interested in supporting fundraising efforts can explore various avenues such as organizing staff events like year-end parties or facilitating individual sign-ups for monthly GIRO donations. 

These initiatives not only contribute to fundraising efforts but also foster a sense of engagement and teamwork within the company, as employees come together to make a meaningful impact through their generous contributions and support. A matching gift from the company is also greatly appreciated.