Community Partnership

We were honoured to participate in the “Humanizing Technology: Fostering Person-Centered Care in the Digital Age” seminar hosted by Goshen Consultancy on 13th October at Republic Polytechnic. During a panel discussion with leaders from the healthcare industry, our CEO, Ms Cheng, discussed the positive impact of digitalization on the delivery of care services in our nursing home. She emphasized how this technological advancement has benefited both our residents and staff in the long term.
In line with the theme of embracing technology in the healthcare sector, we were thrilled to introduce Dexie, our social humanoid, to healthcare industry professionals at the “Cape Allied Health Congress 2023” conference on 2nd & 3rd November. Attendees had the opportunity to engage with Dexie and gain a deeper understanding of its applications and benefits, allowing them to witness first-hand how this technology could potentially transform elder care.
Technology has become an integral part of our lives and we remain dedicated to staying current with the rapidly changing advancements. We will continuously embrace technology to enhance our delivery of care services and improve the lives of our residents, as well as streamlining our workflow to ensure efficient and effective operations.

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