Mr Yeo’s Road to Independence

In August 2021, Mr Yeo, a 73-year-old man, suffered a debilitating stroke that left him entirely reliant on others for his care. He was unable to communicate and required tube feeding for sustenance. Nevertheless, thanks to the dedicated nurses and therapy team at Bright Hill Evergreen Home, Mr Yeo has made incredible strides in his […]

Mr Lee Goes Home!

Mr Lee was a fiercely independent man who had lived alone his entire life. However, after repeated hospitalizations due to a neurological condition, he was no longer able to live safely at home. He was referred to Bright Hill Evergreen home, where he received the care and support he needed to regain his independence. When […]

Mr Tan’s Journey to Wellness

I never thought I would be able to eat and drink again, but the staff here never gave up on me. They worked tirelessly with me to help me. I am so grateful for their support. Mr Tan, aged 91, was hospitalized in 2022 due to COVID complications. During his hospitalization, he had to be […]

Nurses Day

Happy Nurses Day to all the amazing nurses and care staff from all over the world! We kickstarted Nurses Day on 24th July with case presentations where nurses and care staff share interventions that have positively impacted the well-being of our elderly residents. The residents were profiled and individualised care plans were tailored to their […]

Sunflower Block Opening Ceremony

Heralding a new era in senior care, we held our opening ceremony for the new Sunflower block on 12 May 23, marking the beginning of an extraordinary journey to redefine the standard of holistic care for the elderly. The event witnessed a joyous celebration, as residents, staff, esteemed guests and community came together to commemorate […]

Be a friend and give joy

Mrs Tay-Oh Siew Hoe, 66 years old, is a familiar face in Bright Hill Evergreen Home (BHEH). Through her network of friends and neighbours, she gathers sponsors for the fortnightly tea-break for our residents. Mrs Tay started volunteering with BHEH in April 1998. With more time on her hands after her youngest son went on […]

Chinese New Year Celebration 2023

The Chinese New Year celebration featured a lineup of captivating activities that highlighted the essence of this significant holiday. During the months of January and February, our residents were able to partake in the festive celebrations with the help and support of our kind-hearted volunteers. This collaborative effort created a joyful and inclusive atmosphere for […]

Memories In A Love Letter

The ward entertainment area was sparsely decorated with Chinese New Year buntings and red lanterns. The TV was showing Jack Neo’s movie “The Diam Diam Era”. With eyes fixated on the TV, the elderly residents were also waiting patiently to savour the egg wafers or love letters, still baking in a corner. Niki, our Senior […]

Their Smiles.. My Gratitude.

Under the watchful eyes of Mr. Lee, in his 70s, people cleaned and decluttered his one-room rental flat. Ms. Sek Ah Suan, a Senior Medical Social Work Associate at Bright Hill Evergreen Home, had gathered five volunteers and another staff to get the flat ready for his discharge. “Mr. Lee did not have the physical […]

Join Us And Help Mr. Wong Enjoy His “Tang”!

Mr. Wong loves food, and happily takes a mouthful of rice and vegetables before requesting “tang!”, Mandarin for soup. The volunteer fed him a spoonful. With his upper limbs contracted, Mr. Wong is totally dependent on others for his Assisted Daily Living (ADL), including having his meals. Residents with similar challenges as Mr. Wong, look […]