Mdm Lee’s Recovery and Return to Independence

Mdm Lee’s story of recovery and discharge from Bright Hill Evergreen Home is another inspiring tale of resilience and perseverance. After a severe fall that resulted in a head injury and the loss of movement in her fingers, Mdm Lee was admitted to our nursing home. She had weakness in all her limbs and was […]

Radiance of Recovery: Mr Yeow’s Path to Renewed Vitality

Mr Yeow, a 70-year-old resident was referred to Bright Hill Evergreen Home in July 2022 for his worsening leg condition, leading to his reliance on a wheelchair. With his admission, our compassionate staff quickly embraced him, providing a supportive environment that uplifted his spirits. Determined to regain his strength and independence, Mr Yeow wholeheartedly engages […]

Mr Yeo’s Road to Independence

In August 2021, Mr Yeo, a 73-year-old man, suffered a debilitating stroke that left him entirely reliant on others for his care. He was unable to communicate and required tube feeding for sustenance. Nevertheless, thanks to the dedicated nurses and therapy team at Bright Hill Evergreen Home, Mr Yeo has made incredible strides in his […]

Mr Lee Goes Home!

Mr Lee was a fiercely independent man who had lived alone his entire life. However, after repeated hospitalizations due to a neurological condition, he was no longer able to live safely at home. He was referred to Bright Hill Evergreen home, where he received the care and support he needed to regain his independence. When […]

Mr Tan’s Journey to Wellness

I never thought I would be able to eat and drink again, but the staff here never gave up on me. They worked tirelessly with me to help me. I am so grateful for their support. Mr Tan, aged 91, was hospitalized in 2022 due to COVID complications. During his hospitalization, he had to be […]